ST CHRISTOPHER is number 3 of a limited batch of 100 Roundhouse JACK’s, built in March 2010.

I acquired the locomotive second-hand in April 2012 and a year later it went to ELR Engineering to be converted to burn coal (ELR ceased trading at the end of 2016) returning in September 2013.

Although I made & fitted deeper buffer-beams in late 2013, these became too deep for the railway when the new crossing was laid on the railway in June of 2017. Since then ST CHRISTOPHER has been “resting” awaiting the manufacture (or purchase from RH) of shallower buffer-beams. I also want to have the whole engine re-painted & lined.

Modifications Include:

  • Conversion to a coal burner
  • Swift Sixteen chopper couplings
  • Fitted handrails on the rear of the cab
  • New fully lined paint job & nameplates (in the planning stage)