A first generation Roundhouse Penrhyn Quarry Hunslet “CHARLES”, built in January 2010 and acquired second-hand in April 2012. The model had a Lightline “Penrhyn Quarries” lining job before I acquired it, I’ve since carried out the following alterations.

Alterations Include-

  • Fitted a Summerlands Chuffer
  • MDC name-plates & Narrow Planet works-plates fitted
  • Made & fitted a new safety valve cowling
  • Made & fitted a new buffer-beams & fitted Swift Sixteen chopper couplings
  • Made & fitted cosmetic crosshead overlays
  • Painting much of the brightwork black (wheels, cylinder covers, handrails, etc.)
  • Fitted a Stuart Turner pressure gauge (the RH gauge was inaccurate)

The Main Line Penrhyn Quarry Railway Hunslets is my all time favourite narrow gauge locomotives and although the Roundhouse models are not scaled representations, I had to own one never the less!

JACQUELINE at work outside Boot Lane Works