I love the scope that Accucraft engines offer for modification, coupled with the range of “extras” supplied by manufacturers like DJB Model Engineering Ltd such as automatic drain-cocks have always ensured that an Accucraft locomotive is rostered at Candlebridge.

PEPPERMINT is a 16mm Baldrig body kit by Stephen Harrison mounted on an Accucraft 0-4-0 steam chassis.

Inspired by the great Tag Gorton and his alterations to the basic Accucraft Edrig, PEPPERMINT has been painted & lined by Matt at Barley Pit Works. Other details include a DJB safety valve bonnet, Swift Sixteen chopper couplings & steps.

Further alterations included gas & regulator valves from The Train Department, a 1/2″ pressure gauge & a burner poker upgrade by Barley Pit. Other additions might also include a DJB Engineering cast brass smoke-box & a DJB resonator whistle.

Baldrig as sold to me

Baldrig as sold to me