Below is a list of all non-live steam 16mm locomotives that have been built at Boot Lane, whether they have stayed at the Candlebridge Tramway or not!

The locomotives divide into three categories:-
Operational Models  –  in service (somewhere), I would never say “finished” though!
On The Bench  –  actual work in progress, rather than just dreams. See “Under The Bench”.
Under The Bench  –  total “pie in the sky”, but “never say never”!


Operational Models

JINX   0-4-0DM  –  Boot Lane Works Diesel Locomotive

ERNIE   0-4-0DM  –  PDF Models “Freelance Ernie”

PICKLE   0-4-0DM  –  PDF Models “50hp Baldwin Petrol Tractor”

BOXCAR   1A-A1DM  –  Boot Lane Works Battery Locomotive

N. ARTHUR   0-4-0Battery  –  Boot Lane Battery Locomotive


On The Bench

SLOUGH   0-4-0DM  –  Boot Lane Works Diesel Locomotive

THE POET   0-4-2T  –  Glyn Valley Tramway Influence

GUARDSMAN   0-4-0ST&T  –  PDF Models “Linda”


Under The Bench

LLYWNON   0-4-0T