I really wanted to build something that would operate in the garden, something that I could say, “I built that…”
And I wanted to use some of the “bits & pieces” that I found in dad’s workshop after he passed away.

N ARTHUR is the result. It represents a “Battery Tram Engine”, supposedly rebuilt from an earlier Steam Tram Loco. It only took three weeks to construct, using primarily 2mm Plastikard the loco is entirely a freelance design.

The wheels are from a vehicle dad built and which I managed to break the bogie on one end…
I turned large brass axle bushes and used a chain drive (also found amongst dads stuff) to connect the drive to both axles. The motor drives the front axle via a large brass worm gear and a stainless axle gear, I turned a spindle for the motor shaft and a corresponding bush to support the end farthest from the motor.

The body is simply made from 2mm Plastikard with extra detail in the form of handrails (1.5mm brass rod) – cab spectacle windows, chopper couplings & T-handles all Swift Sixteen. The cab floor is wooden strips and the name & works plates are from Narrow Planet.

The loco is powered by ten AA batteries and controlled by a Mtroniks ESC (Electronic Control System), via an RC (Radio Control) unit built by Chuffed 2 Bits.


NOTE: Following the relaying of the crossing at Boot Lane in June 2017, it was found that N ARTHUR would not clear the roadway. I tried to reduce the clearance of the locomotive skirts but found myself striping the engine down to its most basic parts and following this I took the opportunity to change the motor. Unfortunately, N ARTHUR did not survive this radical treatment and the locomotive is now in a box at Boot Lane as a kit of parts!

N ARTHUR at Boot Lane

N ARTHUR at Boot Lane